Four stories featuring Sherlock Holmes. Originally published in hard cover, now available as an E-Book. Time Study, The Devil To Pay, The Mystery of the Chinese Box and One Last Case. Contains original line art (similar in style to The Strand magazine where the original stories began).

Vol II contains 8 original Sherlock Holmes stories: The Cases of the Wayward Balloon, The Case of the Family Affair, The Case of the Deserted Ship, The Case of the Warehouse Rat, The Case of Unbrotherly Love, The Case of the Gladstone Bag, The Case of the Wrong Man and the Case of the Ghost of Mackleton Castle. 

​The killer taunts his adversaries, playing a deadly game that seemingly picks willing victims. Investigations move from online chatrooms to private lifestyle clubs catering to erotic fantasies. A cast that includes a career cop, his unorthodox partner and suspects who may wind up as victim.

City Lites – contains four short stories, a collection of short-short stories, and one novella: A Done Deal (how not to murder your wife), Chantelle (how not to murder your husband), and City Lites (short-shorts to read in the waiting room), A Smart Man (novella about the perfect crime but...).

A selection of stories from my other publications. "A Done Deal" is a killer for hire story from City Lites. "The Ghost of Mackleton Castle" is a feature story from Sherlock Holmes' Chinese Box Mysteries, Volume II. Also included is an excerpt of the thriller "Serial Thoughts"

City Lites II - a collection of six short stories.  Ethics (a hit man's dilemma; who to kill?), Mix-Up (righting a wrong for all the right reasons), Money Man (an accountant plays detective), Policeman (Afghan trainee: collaborator or hero?), Reprieve (sometimes stealing a purse is a good deed), Dead, Again (found dead in a hotel lobby, twice? Different hotels? This dead man has a tale to tell.)

As a friend or a member of the family, please feel free to email and order a Kindle copy of any of the books below. Just let me know which.  Thank you.  Susan Kilcup

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